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“Mujer Voladora” paper maché sculpture by Sergio Bustamante. Translates to Flying Lady. This is signed and numbered: “Sergio Bustamante 10/100 ©”. It is in mint condition with no visible marks, scratches or blemishes.  There are a couple if tiny marks on the bottom of the integrated stand where it has been sitting on a table. The painting is exquisite with lots of thin brush strokes and amazing detail.

Six Russian paper maché lacquer boxes. Selling as a set. Start your collection quickly. Two of these boxes are on eBay for $495 each! 1. “Forest with Bears” – 6″ L x 4.25″ W x 2″ H. Hinged lid. Have purchase COA. 2. Winter Scene Sleigh and Horses” – 6″ L x 4.25″ W x 2″ H. Hinged lid. Have purchase COA and gift card. 3. “Three Russian Churches” – 6″ L x 2″ W x 1.25″ H. Separate lid. Have purchase COA. 4. “Russian Cathedral – Three Spires” – Round 3.25″ Dia. x 1″ H. Separate lid. 5. “Moscow” – 3.25″ L x 1.35″ W x 1.25″ H. Separate lid. Have purchase COA. 6. “Two Cranes” – 2.75″ L x 1.9″ W x 1.25″ H. Hinged lid. – cracked finish on lid. All boxes are in overall great condition. Some minor scratching and wear on the bottoms. Mostly near perfect other than the one mentioned. All boxes are signed by the artists.

Old Staffordshire Ware, England. An antique pair of riders on horseback. Pre 1900, this is a true pair painted by the same artist. No chips or blemishes. On one, there is hairline cracking on the back of the base that was done during the firing process. The hairlines are not on the bottom and they are not on any area that can be viewed (see picture). Other than that they are in pristine condition. The riders are wearing helmets suggesting polo or hunting. Excellent condition. Purchase the pair.

“Gloucester” England. Watercolour by François Gall 1912-1987. Down at the English waterfront on the River Severn on a blustery day at Gloucester. Signed: “F. Gall Gloucester” lower left in his typical red paint. This is a large, rare, unique painting by the post-impressionist master, François Gall. Frame is contemporary gold with matt and inner painted fillet. Excellent condition.

“The Politicians” bronze sculpture by Christopher Keene. The politicians are made up of two hippos, an alligator and another spiny reptile – typical politicians! Very intricate and detailed bronze work from the lost wax manufacturing process. Signed in the flagstone floor, “Keene ’78″ and is 1/10 (one of ten).

This is a beaded ceremonial mask made in Ghana. Label affixed. The bead work is quite intricate and the end result is pleasing, indeed. Gold, metal appliqués for the nose and forehead are affixed to this deciduous wood mask. Excellent condition. $175. 12″ Dia. x 3.5″ D. Wt: 2 lb. 1 kg.

This is a decorative mask that is used as a wall hanging. It is carved from hardwood and stained dark brown with some ochre coloured highlights. The warrior stands strong with his many wives displayed on his head gear – in this case six. probably 30-40 years old. C. 1970. Could be older. Very good condition.

Bronze Rhinoceros by Salvador Dali. It’s a small version, numbered, limited edition of a very famous piece of his work. It has a typical bronze patina with a light green wash over it. The foundry that created it for Dali is Airaindor. On the edge of the base it reads: “AIRAINDOR.177/350.VM.18F”. The base is cast bronze as well with a mottled, green patina.  Salvador’s signature is scribed into the base. “Salvador Dali”. Excellent condition. $3,000. Size: 6.3 ” L x 3″ W x 4.75″ H. Wt: 4 lb. 1.8 kg.

Fabulous African Rasta mask that’s approximately 50-75 years old. Hardwood and hemp. The hemp is braided, woven tied and knotted into dread knot . Very thick hair and full beard with multiple layers. Stained dark brown with wear showing lighter brown. Extraordinary work. Excellent condition. Wear it to work!

This is a decorative mask that is a lot of fun and is well created. I think it is acrylic on softwood. Black background with coloured dots of paint in the rough, modern,  pointillism style. Some pinstripe brushwork as well C. 1980. Could be older. Very good condition.

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