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Sergio Bustamante – Chimpanzee

Paper Maché Chimpanzee created by Sergio Bustamante in the 1970s. There are quite a few renditions of the Bustamante Chimps and this one has the very detailed face and full body painting. The chimp is completely covered in hair and shows many facial, nose, mouth and hand details. He hangs from his right hand and arm and has the body manner of a real chimpanzee. If he is viewed from the side, back or front he looks so natural. He is in perfect condition with no cracks or broken fingers or toes. There are tiny, minor scuff marks on one area of his back where he has been laid down. Complete with hanging trapeze. This is an exceptional piece with COA in hand. $2995. Size: 58″ L x 17″ W x 12″ D. Wt: 11 Lb. 4.8 Kg.

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