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Old Staffordshire Ware, England. An antique pair of riders on horseback. Pre 1900, this is a true pair painted by the same artist. No chips or blemishes. On one, there is hairline cracking on the back of the base that was done during the firing process. The hairlines are not on the bottom and they are not on any area that can be viewed (see picture). Other than that they are in pristine condition. The riders are wearing helmets suggesting polo or hunting. Excellent condition. Purchase the pair.

Six Russian paper maché lacquer boxes. Selling as a set. Start your collection quickly. Two of these boxes are on eBay for $495 each! 1. “Forest with Bears” – 6″ L x 4.25″ W x 2″ H. Hinged lid. Have purchase COA. 2. Winter Scene Sleigh and Horses” – 6″ L x 4.25″ W x 2″ H. Hinged lid. Have purchase COA and gift card. 3. “Three Russian Churches” – 6″ L x 2″ W x 1.25″ H. Separate lid. Have purchase COA. 4. “Russian Cathedral – Three Spires” – Round 3.25″ Dia. x 1″ H. Separate lid. 5. “Moscow” – 3.25″ L x 1.35″ W x 1.25″ H. Separate lid. Have purchase COA. 6. “Two Cranes” – 2.75″ L x 1.9″ W x 1.25″ H. Hinged lid. – cracked finish on lid. All boxes are in overall great condition. Some minor scratching and wear on the bottoms. Mostly near perfect other than the one mentioned. All boxes are signed by the artists.

“The Politicians” bronze sculpture by Christopher Keene. The politicians are made up of two hippos, an alligator and another spiny reptile – typical politicians! Very intricate and detailed bronze work from the lost wax manufacturing process. Signed in the flagstone floor, “Keene ’78″ and is 1/10 (one of ten).

“Mujer Voladora” paper maché sculpture by Sergio Bustamante. Translates to Flying Lady. This is signed and numbered: “Sergio Bustamante 10/100 ©”. It is in mint condition with no visible marks, scratches or blemishes.  There are a couple if tiny marks on the bottom of the integrated stand where it has been sitting on a table. The painting is exquisite with lots of thin brush strokes and amazing detail.

“Gloucester” England. Watercolour by François Gall 1912-1987. Down at the English waterfront on the River Severn on a blustery day at Gloucester. Signed: “F. Gall Gloucester” lower left in his typical red paint. This is a large, rare, unique painting by the post-impressionist master, François Gall. Frame is contemporary gold with matt and inner painted fillet. Excellent condition.

This is a beaded ceremonial mask made in Ghana. Label affixed. The bead work is quite intricate and the end result is pleasing, indeed. Gold, metal appliqués for the nose and forehead are affixed to this deciduous wood mask. Excellent condition. $175. 12″ Dia. x 3.5″ D. Wt: 2 lb. 1 kg.

This is a decorative mask that is used as a wall hanging. It is carved from hardwood and stained dark brown with some ochre coloured highlights. The warrior stands strong with his many wives displayed on his head gear – in this case six. probably 30-40 years old. C. 1970. Could be older. Very good condition.

Bronze Rhinoceros by Salvador Dali. It’s a small version, numbered, limited edition of a very famous piece of his work. It has a typical bronze patina with a light green wash over it. The foundry that created it for Dali is Airaindor. On the edge of the base it reads: “AIRAINDOR.177/350.VM.18F”. The base is cast bronze as well with a mottled, green patina.  Salvador’s signature is scribed into the base. “Salvador Dali”. Excellent condition. $3,000. Size: 6.3 ” L x 3″ W x 4.75″ H. Wt: 4 lb. 1.8 kg.

Fabulous African Rasta mask that’s approximately 50-75 years old. Hardwood and hemp. The hemp is braided, woven tied and knotted into dread knot . Very thick hair and full beard with multiple layers. Stained dark brown with wear showing lighter brown. Extraordinary work. Excellent condition. Wear it to work!

This is a decorative mask that is a lot of fun and is well created. I think it is acrylic on softwood. Black background with coloured dots of paint in the rough, modern,  pointillism style. Some pinstripe brushwork as well C. 1980. Could be older. Very good condition.

A hand carved, ceremonial hardwood mask from the Ivory Coast.  Painstakingly hollowed out to quite a smooth interior finish. The mask is rather small leading me to believe that this was made for a woman. Quite a lot of detail with a protruding, horned  high-piece. Various holes in the circumference allow it to be tied to various sized people. Definitely an antique. Early last century or previous. Excellent condition with one minor repair. No signature visible.

An African, carved tribal mask with with contrasting black stain and grey paint. It has a circumference of handmade and hand knotted hemp twine as a decorative element. Tiny, small headed nails hold the hemp in place. Believed to be softwood as it isn’t very heavy. No signature apparent. C. 1940. Excellent condition.

“The Storyteller”. Spectacular watercolour by Ettore Ascenzi. On paper laid on paperboard. Amazing detail with all eyes trained on the storyteller.  Signed lower right “E. Ascenzi 1892 Roma”. Framed with gold leaf and inner gold fillet. Superb  condition.

Beautiful Art Deco frosted and molded Crystal Vase, “Thistle” pattern. Signed Verlys – circa 1920 – made in USA. Stunning under lights with long stem roses! Heavy lead crystal makes for the “perfect” centerpiece vase for the best-dressed of tables! Thick yet clear rounded panels are separated by relief-molded thistle blossoms in frosted accent. Sterling silver foot in perfect condition. The vase is in excellent condition – no chips, cracks or cloudiness. A couple of very minor surface imperfections. Great lustre.

Fille avec au Parapluie Noir sur la Pont Neuf, Paris. Girl with black umbrella on the Pont Neuf Bridge, Paris. Oil on canvas by François Gall. An elegant woman on a bridge over the river Seine. The painting is difficult to shoot.  It’s more subdued and a bit darker than most. Gall was obviously trying to capture the cloudy, rainy day, hence the umbrella and the shadows on her face. The canvas is not in perfect shape – some crazing and slightly loose on the stretcher. Thin paint, tiny canvas buckle upper centre, a bit dirty and unvarnished. However, it’s a wonderful Gall that is so “Paris” in the period of the 1950s. I have a letter from his daughter, Marie-Lise Gall explaining the painting and dating it 1950. Frame is painted carved wood with motley painted texture that shows wear but still quite serviceable. The inner frame is missing some paint. I’ve tried my best to photograph it as it looks.

“Canal with Windmill and Barge”. Large, mixed media, watercolour on paper by Max Ludby R.I., R.B.A., British 1858-1943. Windmill near Delft, Holland. Circa 1930. Incredible control of the watercolour brush strokes. The water depicted is marvelous.  Mounted in handsome gold leaf, hand rubbed frame. Ref. Benezit, Vol. 5, page 655. Artwork in perfect condition.

An Artist’s Proof bronze, “The Hand” with black patina. Attributed to Fernando Botero. Signed and numbered: “E/A Botero 6/12″ with the foundry mark just above his signature: “Fondoria M Italy”. Purchased from a dealer in Columbia and brought to Canada in 2002. The piece speaks of Botero’s creativity that shows the strength and power of the human being. A fine example of his work that shows subtly and grace created from the lost wax technique in bronze from a foundry. Remarkable work in excellent condition. No COA or paperwork.

Woman Reading (1). Fred Ross R.C.A. Original mixed media on artist’s paper. This is a sketch to be used in a larger, masterwork called “Woman Reading” – rough full-size attached. Excellent Condition. $2,900. Framed with modern shiny metal finish with plexiglass. Frame size: 26.5″ W x 21″ H. Wt: 3lb.  1.4 kg.

The Hitch-Hiker. Mixed media, egg tempura on masonite board by Fred Ross, C.M., LL.D., R.C.A., one of Canada’s leading figurative painters. The model for this painting in Fred’s son Christopher who came into the studio one day and put on the overcoat and the top hat which Fred interpreted into this painting. C. 1975. Signed “Fred Ross” upper right. Framed in wood with a greyish, specked finish. Inner fillet painted white. Excellent condition.

Oil and casein tempura on masonite by Fred Ross R.C.A. Signed and dated: “Fred Ross 57″. “Portrait of an Old Man” is an interesting piece. You’ll notice that the old man is winking OR has he lost an eye, at some point?  He has many stories to tell. It looks like he’s lost an ear as well. In the painting Fred Ross has put all the names of his family staring on the left with his wife, Sheila. Then there’s Lorna who is the eldest child, then Christopher, next oldest, then there’s a question mark (?) suggesting that there was another child on the way, while he was painting this picture.  It turns out that there was another girl, Catherine (Cathy Ross, an accomplished artist as well). This was a part of Max Stern’s collection, owner of the Stern Gallery and Dominion Gallery in Montreal. Labels on the back explain a few things. Frame is gold leaf over wood with a hand rubbed red/brown patina on top. The frame has been made to look like there are worm holes on the top, bottom and both sides. Excellent condition. Museum quality.

Fred Ross R.C.A. Original mixed media. Label: “Landscape, St. Andrews, N.B. ’97″. Signed, Fred Ross, lower right. Excellent condition. He doesn’t paint too many landscapes – here he captured the sky and surroundings showing the ruggedness of NB. Excellent condition. $2,000. Frame size: 15.75″ W x 19.75″ H. Art size: 12″ H x 8.25″ W. Wt: 2 lb. .9 kg.

“Girl Tying Shoe”, acrylic and chalk. Signed “Fred Ross” bottom centre in pencil. “Gallerie Walter Klinkhoff Inc.” label with gallery seal attesting to authenticity. Nice gold leaf wooden frame with plain, off-white matting. Excellent condition.

Mixed Media, Fred Ross, R.C.A. Acrylic, chalk, ink. “Still Life With Tapestry Slippers” 1993. Gallery label “Galerie Walter Klinkhoff Inc. Montreal – an authentic work”. These are Sheila Ross’ house slippers. Fred thought they were fun and put them into quite a few of his paintings. This is the only composition where they are the main focus. Excellent condition.

Mixed Media, Fred Ross, R.C.A. Acrylic, chalk, ink. “Still Life With Pointe Shoes” 1993. Gallery label “Galerie Walter Klinkhoff Inc.” Montreal – an authentic work. It has the gallery seal embossed on the label that, in effect, is the COA for this piece. Excellent condition.

Large acrylic on canvas by Fred Ross entitled “Dancer in Harlequin Tights”. There is a  picture of it on an easel in Fred’s studio in the book “A Timeless Humanism”, by Tom Smart. Page 67. The painting was done previously, circa 1985 and positioned for the picture in 1990. Signed “Fred Ross” upper right. Purchased directly from the artist. Frame is wood with a variegated gold finish with grey stripes at the edge. There is wrapped, linen over wood, inner frame. Excellent condition. $6,000. Frame size: 42.5″ H x 26.75″ W. Canvas size: 40″ H x 24″ W. Wt: 5 lb. 2.3 kg.

Oil and casein tempura on masonite by Fred Ross R.C.A. Signed and dated: “Fred Ross 1956″. This is a staggeringly interesting piece. I won’t try to define it here but suggest you read the written description in the book about Fred Ross, “A Timeless Humanism” by Tom Smart. You’ll notice that the boy is on the far side of the window sill but on the inside of the frame in which he is standing. Also the monkey is threading beads from the bottom upwards. The front of the scull is floating. Fred’s wife’s name, Sheila, is carved into the frame to the left of the boy’s head. Why is there an owl on his shoulder, a piece of rope hanging from the frame and a wish bone also hanging on the frame? Things to ponder when you enter this remarkable painting. This was a part of Max Stern’s collection, owner of the Stern Gallery and Dominion Gallery in Montreal.The frame is gold leaf with some red streaks and spackle.  There is a green velvet inner frame to further set the painting apart from the gold colour. Astonishing. Excellent condition. Museum quality.

Fred Ross, Still Life: “Blue Deichmann Pitcher with Summer Flowers”. Mixed Media – pastel and watercolour. Wonderful, natural arrangement and fine expression of colour. Signed “Fred Ross” lower right in pencil. Label on back dates it to ’97. Frame is wood with a baked, rose gold finish. Excellent condition. $2,200. Frame size: 21.75″ H x 17.25″ W. Art size: 12″ H x 8.25″ W. Wt: 3 lb. 1.4 kg.

Mixed media. This painting was a sketch for a future, larger painting but the cat got killed in traffic and the large painting was never done. The cat was just a street cat that came to visit Fred at his studio. Signed in pencil, upper right. Gallery Walter Klinkhoff label on reverse. Perfect condition.

Huge acrylic, chalk and collage on Masonite panel.  Another masterpiece by Fred Ross R.C.A. Entitled: “Artist in Studio” with Judith as the nude model.  It’s a fascinating piece of work in that it’s a self portrait with the artist facing us with a nude in front of him facing away from the viewer. Fred has his left foot resting on the divan that she is lying upon. Also there is an easel with another nude paining on it.  That small painting is signed: “Fred Ross” in the upper right corner and the main painting is signed: “Fred Ross’ in the extreme lower right corner. Two signatures – quite unique. Next to the artist is a spike of light coming in from a window that sheds light on the subjects from right to left – otherwise it’s a very dark room. The label is from Gallery Walter Klinkhoff stating: “Artist in Studio – Acrylic, chalk and collage 52″ x 42″ Fred Ross”  The label also has the Klinkhoff seal that gives this painting its COA. The frame is wood with gold leaf and three grey key lines as a border. There is an inner lined raised fillet that sets the painting away from the frame. Spectacular – a powerful artist’s statement and in perfect condition. Museum quality.

Spectacular Limoges porcelain urn, saturated with gold leaf and hand made florals to the main bowl and to the base to comfort the cherub’s feet. Three cherubs with arms interlocked adorn the base and support the bowl. No artist signature found. It could be a one-off piece and Limoges decided not the do an edition of it. Perfect condition.

Fascinating set of little, individual ash trays. They were used at the dinner table for people to have a cigarette in-between courses. Made in West Germany of porcelain with coated, finished interior and matt exterior. All 4 fit into their holder. Perfect craft condition.

A very elegant Sterling Silver Claret Jug. Art Nouveau. A Good Silver Mounted and Cut Glass Claret Jug, the top having a sparrow beak spout, hinged lid, broad band collar, and shaped handle.  The body is a flared, cylindrical shape with beaded vertical lines, with a star cut base.

Fully hallmarked Birmingham, maybe 1915. Elegant, says it all. Excellent condition.

Atmos clock celebrates the 150th Anniversary of the invention of the Atmos clock by Jaeger-LeCoultre – Geneva. It runs on an air pressure, bellows system that captures the difference in atmospheric pressure when it goes up or down. That change in pressure is caught in the bellows and therefore has the power to run the clock. It’s the closest thing to perpetual motion that has ever been built. This clock has three feet that can be used to level it, and there is a bubble glass to show when it is perfectly level. There is a “150″ medallion and a medallion that states the number, which is 311. The clock has been refurbished in 2007 and keeps excellent time. I might adjust it twice a year for a couple of minutes. There is a manual lever to adjust the mechanism – faster or slower. The dome is blown glass crystal and looks majestic, when it covers the clock’s movement. I have an original marketing brochure but no original packing materials. I have the instructions on starting and setting the time etc. Perfect condition.

Oil on panel by H.W. Wagner, listed Canadian artist 1889-1948. Collectors have many of his works. He did a lot of painting in Algonquin Park. This is two paintings in one. There is an oil sketch on the back with a very dark colour pallet suggesting a late day attempt at capturing the rocks and stream – it’s well done although not complete. I guess he decided to do a new painting on the other side of the panel. It is mounted in a previously used frame as there is an inscription on the back that says “Port du Collioure, France. Collioure is a coastal resort is Mediterranean Sea just North of Spanish border”. The frame is wood with a hand  washed finish in dusky grey. Excellent condition.

Late 19th century, early 20th century Italian school. A spectacular oil on wood panel of a forest scene in Italy by François Visconti. An impressive “plain air” subject in the same sentiment as the Barbizon painters in France. Created c. 1870-1880s. There is a pond in the foreground and the farm home in the distance. Beautiful, old master techniques prior to the turn of the century. Wonderful composition. Period wood and gold leaf frame and newer, inner matting. Overall excellent condition. Some crazing. Minor crack in panel, far right side.  Not noticeable unless you look for it. Signed lower left “F. Visconti”. (François). Excellent condition.

Oil on Canvas by Arthur Villeneuve. Signed lower right ” A Villeneuve 11 60.37 ” Assume this means that is was done in November 1960 and was number 37 in a show.  The number “37″ is written on the frame on the back. Wonderful Quebec Village scene in typical, Villeneuve, abstract, three-dimensional style. Frame is period wooden baked, high gloss black. Excellent condition.

Mixed media on artist’s paper board by Maurice Verrier. Watercolour, pens and possibly in early felt marker. Classic scene from the ’40s in the Pigalle area of Paris. Signed “Verrier” lower right corner. “Pigalle” is written in the lower left corner. The frame is rough and is white washed over rough hewn wood – very effective and compatible with the rough, simplistic approach of the painting. There’s an inner painted wood fillet. Slight water mark on frame and typical watercolour on the painting. $2,900. Frame size: 22.5″ H x 18.75″ W. Art board size: 14.5″ H x 10.5″ W. Wt: 3 lb. 1.4 kg.

Oil on board by Maurice Verrier c. 1955. Showing a very blustery day at harbour side where boats are tethered due to bad weather. Shows strong pallet knife and brushwork. Signed “Verrier” lower right in black paint. Period painted, white-washed wood frame. Shows wear but looks good with this rugged painting. Inner linen tapered, mitred matt. Painting in  excellent condition.

Oil on board by Maurice Verrier c. 1955. Capturing a vase of flowers with a minimalist colour pallet. Signed “Verrier” lower right. Outstanding, custom period painted wood and gesso frame. Also outer wooden frame painted gold. Overall in excellent condition with normal wear. Frame corners are slightly spread, easy fix.

Harvest. Watercolour on artist’s paper. A beautiful mountain, river scene in Switzerland, during the wheat harvest. Signed and dated lower left corner “Toppie 1887″.  He is a well known artist that was quite prolific with pieces all over Europe. Hand painted matt with a simple gold, wooden frame. Excellent condition – see minor vertical mark on the right side of the watercolour. Have BOS from the Art Shoppe in Toronto.

“Bierbaum and Figures” by C. Ticcino. Fabulous pair of oils on wood panels. Glorious Italian river-scape with homesteaders. Signed “C. Ticcino” lower right. Description to the reverse “C. Ticcino – BIERBAUM AND FIGURES IN CONVERSATION, BY A LAKE WITH BOATS”, A pair of complimentary oil paintings on panels, the former signed lower right and titled to the reverse. Frame needs some minor repairs or leave as is. It’s old and original. A charming pair of oils. Painting in excellent condition.

Glorious Italian lake-scape with ruins, fishermen and villagers by C. Ticcino. A fabulous pair of oils on wood panels. Description to the reverse “C. Ticcino – BIERBAUM AND FIGURES IN CONVERSATION, BY A LAKE WITH BOATS, A pair of complimentary oil paintings on panels, the former signed lower right and titled to the reverse.  Frame needs some minor repairs or leave as is. It’s old and original. Frame is carved wood and gesso. A charming pair of oils. Painting in excellent condition.

Pastel on brown artist’s paper by Paulémile Pissarro.  A harbour scene with merchant sailing boats. The master of pastel, signed lower left “Paulémile – Pissarro”. COA signed by Katia Pissarro, dated (?) Beautifully mounted with textured linen and gold inner filet. Pastel is mounted to inner, emerald green matt. Frame is wood with gold raised, carved pattern. Framer used plexiglass to save weight. Excellent condition.

Watercolour by Paulémile Pissarro, signed lower right in pencil. Entitled: “Pommiers eu fleurs à Vancoeuil Eure”. Circa 1940. Recently reframed with modern, wooden frame, gold leaf. Excellent condition

Watercolour on art paper on board by Paulémile Pissarro. Signed “Paulémile Pissarro” lower left. “Perrier 3 avril 52″ lower right. Excellent gold leaf frame double dimensional matting with linen & gold, wood bezel.

Pastel on artist paper by Paulémile Pissarro. Rare winter scene. Expertly drawn with all the subtlety of pastel. Signed by the artist, Paulémile Pissarro in pastel, lower left. Circa 1950′s early ’60s. Linen type off-white matt with inner fillet.

“Perriers rivière”. Watercolour on art paper on board. Signed “Paulémile Pissarro” lower left. Excellent gold leaf frame double dimensional matting with linen & gold, wood bezel. Tiny tear in paper just below signature – see picture.

Pastel on artist’s paper by Paulémile Pissarro.  A pretty orchard scene with woman and village in the background. Master of pastel, signed lower left “Paulémile -  Pissarro -”. COA signed by Katia Pissarro, January 2, 1986. Nicely mounted with textured, linen matt with inner gold wood fillet. Frame is wood with gold and brown wash over raised, carved pattern. $4,200. Excellent condition. Frame size: 20.25″ W x 19″ H. Pastel size: 10.5″ W x 9″ H. Wt 4 lb. 1.9 kg.

Pastel on artist’s paper by Paulémile Pissarro.  A pretty and active harbour scene with merchant boats and port activity. Master of pastel, signed lower right “Paulémile Pissarro”. Nicely mounted with linen matt and bevelled, inner matting. Frame is wood with gold and motley red mixed colours. Excellent condition.

Large oil on board. Paulémile Pissarro.  The flowering apple tree.  This is a famous tree with the Pissarro family.  Many of the Pissarros painted it.  Collect a few of them and you’ll be rich. Master of oil, signed lower left “Paulémile -  Pissarro” in oil.  Frame is modern wood with lots of relief in gold raised, carved pattern. Inner fillet is vinyl linen and gold wood.  Excellent condition.

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