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Sergio Bustamante – Chimpanzee

Paper Maché Chimpanzee created by Sergio Bustamante in the 1970s. There are quite a few renditions of the Bustamante Chimps and this one has the very detailed face and full body painting. The chimp is completely covered in hair and
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Sergio Bustamante – Armadillo Thinking

Sculpture by Sergio Bustamante. Ceramic and hand painted. Signed and numbered: Sergio Bustamante 39/100″ This is one of a pair that goes with “Turtle Bride”. Turtle and Armadillo were going to get married but Armadillo left her at the alter.
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Sergio Bustamante – Freshwater Fish – Rainbow Trout

Freshwater Fish – Rainbow Trout, ceramic by Sergio Bustamante. Mexican, signed and numbered: “Sergio Bustamante 15/150″. Beautifully painted and detailed. Have COA dated November 2005. Very good condition. $475. Size: 11″ L x 5″ H x 3.5″ D. Wt: 1.5
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Sergio Bustamante – “Lion on stand”

Magnificent metal lion by Sergio Bustamante. Signed and numbered by etching into the metal “Sergio Bustamante 63/100″. Hundreds of curved metal pieces are formed to capture an exact bust of an adult, male lion. The lion is peering into the
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